Winter Folk Camp

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Haliburton YMCA Camp Wanakita, 1883 Koshlong Lake Road, Haliburton, ON

I'm excited to be teaching at this year's Winter Folk Music Camp. There are lots of amazing instructor/artists teaching this year. Check out the website link. Here's what I'll be teaching:

Songwriting With Intent – From Light Bulb Moment to Stage Lights! We are all connected but we are also uniquely individual and have our stories to tell. Let's explore ways to find your unique voice, mine those stories and tell them in a way that will have your listener think "wow, that song is about me!"

We will learn: Brainstorming to help unblock creative flow Form: Do we need it? What is it for? What is a verse? Chorus? Bridge? Refrain?

Finish What You've Started. Should I keep trying or leave it behind?

Arrangement: “hooks”, intros and outros, verse chorus order, solos

Prosody: the relationship between music and lyric

Co-writing, learn ways to create a successful co-writing session.

Vocal techniques for songwriters. We'll explore ways to stretch and strengthen your singing voice, get "inside" the song and help take your listener on a journey.

Stagecraft: mic technique, overcoming stage fright, performance tips.